OmCap specialises in advising on and arranging finance for ‘big ticket’ assets in the aviation and shipping world


OmCap acts as an arranger of finance for big ticket assets and its Directors have been active in the market for over 30 years.  Over that time we have advised a wide range of household name airlines, travel companies, oil and gas companies and shipping companies.  We have seen, and often advised on or advised against, most forms of finance common in the market over that period.

As such we are ideally placed to advise on, and arrange, finance for both individual assets and multiple assets, for example as part of aircraft refleeting programs.

Different forms of finance will have different financial profiles (term, currency, rate, legal complexity, accounting, tax) and what works for one asset or client may well not be appropriate for another. 

We aim to work closely with senior management and their internal / external treasury, legal, accounting and tax functions to provide as much assistance as is desired in identifying, modelling and if necessary mitigating these elements.

We advise airlines during their negotiations with aircraft manufacturers on issues relating to finance and affordability including pre-delivery payments and PDP finance, escalation, backstop financing and delivery flexibility. 

OmCap has financed over $20bn assets since 2003

OmCap is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

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